It all started when…

A cyclist with ADHD competing at a national level got together with an investor obsessed with psychology and neuroscience. We met an Olympic medalist and a conversation started about how we would like to change the traditional approach to the management of stress in business, sport and just ‘everyday life’ for many of us.

Stress is at the root of all performance. Positive stress can challenge us and allow us to grow physically and mentally. Negative stress is OK but has to be balanced against recovery. This is one of the primary problems we saw: people don’t understand their stress and what unmanaged/unbalanced stress does to them.

As we looked at the current set of online resources, we spotted gaps - everywhere. And where we saw gaps, we saw both frustration and opportunity. There are many ‘one size fits all’ recommendations and interventions out there. Most come from training plans, wellness apps and and online assessments that have little grounding in objective measurement.

We felt it needed a better way of tailoring interventions that can help us to the actual issues that impair performance. These are mainly based on stress identification handling. New technologies have opened the doors to a better understanding of ‘what is going on within’ for those serious about improving within the bounds of their true capability.

At the point when we realised we had the capability and resources to do better than anything else out there, we started Adeki. We haven’t looked back since.

To complete our team we then added another national level athlete with a Masters in Exercise Physiology, a neuroscientist, a leading psychologist/psychometrician and one of the country’s leading electrophysiology researchers. Our extraordinary team matches our extraordinary vision to make a difference.

So what’s different about our approach?

Whether it is performance in sport or business, both involve stress on your mind and body, usually engaging the sympathetic branch of your autonomic nervous system: the fight and flight system whose biochemistry and psychophysiology helped us survive in a jungle full of threat. This is good for performance… mostly.

But there are a number of ‘What ifs?’ to consider…

What if your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are out of balance with your sympathetic system engaged too often or for too long thus affecting sleep, mental and physical recovery and digestion.

What if you have burned too many matches already and so are overdoing it and effectively going backwards? What if your mind and body are telling you this through subtle signals that you can’t spot just by feeling?

What if you could find and compare ways to ensure you train to your capacity appropriately whilst also resting appropriately to allow your mind and body to recover and so to perform more consistently?

At Adeki, our aim is visibility of your true capabilities. We can help you discover more about your autonomic nervous system to help you use it better in training and competition. We use biofeedback technologies and psychophysiological methods to practically enable you to get more from your body by using your mind.

This is where Wellness comes in. Poor habits, training or work stresses can break us… physically, mentally or emotionally to the point where we will go backwards rather than forwards. Performance is based on balance. We can help you achieve the right balance with the raw materials you have available in your body.

What have you got to lose? Or more importantly, what have you got to gain?