Adeki 100

Adeki 100 is our basic starter product. For £100 you will receive a heart rate monitor capable of reading your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - the basis of our method. You will also receive a premium subscription to Elite HRV one of the world’s best HRV tracking systems. We will work with you to examine your goals - whether in sport, competition, business, stress management or quality of life in general. We will then help you gather HRV and other ‘environmental’ data about your life and training for a month. We will carry out a final assessment with you and provide a report based on all your data with recommendations.


Buying Adeki100

Adeki 100 is not for everyone... but it can be a huge help to many people, especially athletes who have failed to reach their true potential and often been plagued by illness or injury. As we say, your body might be trying to tell you something! We can help you work out what it is.

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