Travel, stress and training

Adeki was very proud to bring onoard the TAAP Cervelo racing team into our performance programme. In 2019, the team has some superb cyclists including Matt Webster who was the 14th highest ranking Elite rider in the UK during the 2018 season.

That team are currently on a week's team camp in sunny Mallorca and using the Wahoo Tickr and the Elite HRV app to watch their bodies' response to travel, heat, nutrition, sleep, recovery as well (of course) as their their training programme.

It's been very interesting at HQ looking at some of the Heart Rate Variability responses to the stresses on their psychological systems of work into packing and then traveling. In some cases, stressful conditions on all fronts lead to a spike in HRV.

Acute short term movements are, however, not always a cause for a rest day! HRV values need to be considered in context to ensure athletes spend as much time improving as possible.

A very high short term parasympathetic reading can be the body's way of saying 'OK, enough for the minute...' as it goes into strong physical or psychological recovery and effectively overrules us. However, in the case of the stress of travel, your systems may bounce back relatively quickly allowing you to resume a good chunky training load.

Our minds and bodies interact in ways that humans have always known but not clearly understood... Luckily, we are at a point in history where the tools to understand this more clearly are now available.

Would't you want to know?