Proof is in the pudding


Scientific studies, data and success stories from Adeki fans are all great for validation but for the team here the proof is in the pudding. We put our methods into action and love to see the 'pudding' in real world results.

With the 2019 cycling season finally here, our team and users got started on the right foot. Last week saw the 2019 edition of the Full Gas series at the Olympic Velodrome kick off with an omnium style madison. TAAP Racing riders Kieran (an Adeki director) and Rory (another member of the TAAP Racing team using Adeki methods) finished in the top slot on the leaderboard twice, with convincing performances in both the scratch and points races.

The fun didn't finish there though. The weekend just gone saw another visit to the top spot for Kieran as he sprinted to victory in the Full Gas crit at Lee Valley Velopark in London.

The TAAP Racing team have been monitoring their HRV and other factors in a mission to improve their performances on and off the bike. The majoyity of the team hold down full time jobs or studies and these life stressors accumulate, posing a negative threat to performance. Balancing life, training, racing and recovery is difficult but by measuring HRV alongside other objective and subjective facotrs each day help these individuals make smarter choices to keep the plates spinning.

HRV is a non envasive measurement of the time distance between each beat of the heart, which is more accurate measurement than heart rate alone. The measurements correlate to the bodies autonimc nervous system response and can be tracked in under five minutes a day. By putting HRV into context with physical and psychological factors, individuals can better plan for success by making more informed choices. Visit our methods page to find out more about the science behind Adeki.

Follow future blog posts to keep up with how Kieran and the rest of the TAAP Racing team progress through the 2019 season.

Kieran Blay