Our methods

The biggest obstacles to success in sport and business aren’t always a lack of skills or fitness, often it is a lack of knowledge as to how develop optimally with all of our physical and psychological stressors, limitations and quirks. Poor self-awareness leads to poor self-protection habits. In work, this can mean taking stress home and into your sleep and diet/digestio. In sport it can mean over- or under-training so you never reach competition in peak condition.

Wellness is at the centre of Adeki’s offering. If you focus on YOU as an integrated whole, you can work with yourself to get more from the same raw materials by managing stress of all kinds more effectively.

Key to this is our focus first of all on Heart Rate Variability. So what is HRV?

Heart Rate Variability


Heart Rate Variability or HRV is the variability of time between our heart beats. However, it is also a direct insight into the balance of our nervous systems. Our autonomic nervous system - the one outside conscious control - is made up of two main branches, the sympathetic (or SNS which controls our fight/flight stress responses) and the parasympathetic (PSNS which turns off stress responses to allow rest, repair and relaxation to occur). When we sense threats of any kind - professional or physical, the sympathetic side is activated and our body changes are hormones are released and parts of the body change to ready us. Like Yin and Yang, the two need to be in the right balance for success. Too much stress is dangerous for everyone. It can remove our ability to enjoy our lives and it can shorted then.

On account of the heart’s dual enervation (ie it receives and sends signals via both the SNS and the PSNS), it reacts second by second to shifts in this balance. High levels of variability are an indicator of a well-adapted, responsive and fit organism. Low HRV is associated with all-cause morbidity. Serious stuff!

There is an excellent cribsheet on HRV here.

At Adeki, we use the latest technologies to measure HRV among our subjects and we offer assessments based on either daily morning resting HRV logs or on continuous logs using First Beat technology. We work to help users understand the relationship between their stressors and their performance with precise analysis and recommendations for appropriate interventions.

Psychological development

It says on our home page ‘Progress through insight’. That insight looks at the mind and body. We use specific psychological developmental exercises and methods to help you overcome the detrimental influence of stressors on your performance.

We offer tailored preparation protocols for both teams and individuals using HRV, the science of neural entrainment and brain wave synchronisation, simple relaxation and sleep training plus the use of newer technologies such as Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. There is a fine line between over and under stimulation, both resulting in poor performance delivery and at Adeki we don’t like to leave things to chance.

We work with teams, businesses and individuals, often supplementing existing interventions to help take people to the next level.

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